All Men Are Invited to Attend This Men Only Event:

7pm Monday Men’s Bible Studies

Where: Berwyn Baptist Church, Library

Purpose of Men’s Ministry:  To encourage fellowship and bonding of the men in our church and to strengthen them in their Christian walk. Train men in leading the way to advance the kingdom of God.

God commands men to pray.  What would happen if Christian men around the globe were faithful in prayer?
The men are challenged to meet once a month and pray for our church that God would move on our behalf.
Here are some of the things that God will do when men pray:
1.  Bless us
2.  Bring spiritual stability
3.  Establish and protect us
4. Guide and direct us towards His will
5. Give us His battle plans
6. Help us to prosper
7. Fight on our behalf
8. Give us the victory over challenges
Read 2 Chronicles 20:1 – 28
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