Beltsville Library English Conversation Club

Everyone is Welcome whether you speak:
* A little English
* Just Enough to Get By
* Good English but Need to Improve Your Pronunciation or Conversational Ability

 Who: Novice, beginner and intermediate/advanced

 Location of ESL Class: Beltsville Library
4319 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705

 Meeting Days: Wednesdays, Sept – April  [Sept 13, 2017 – April 25, 2018]

Meeting Times: 10:15-11:45am

Goal: All internationals who would like to improve their English speaking skills are welcome to attend.

Cost: FREE

Registration: Online Registration year round  or simply, come to any ESL session at the Beltsville Library.

You are asked to agree to the 26-week class commitment to see improvements in your conversational English.

Watch the JESUS Film in your language (690 Languages)

Helpful Hints For Students:

See Resource Links following the registration form.

Practice. Practice. Practice.  Speak English at home, with your neighbors and friends and every chance you get.

Do your homework each week.

Attend class regularly

Read books out loud

Purchase English lessons on tapes/CD/online – See Pimsleur Courses

Breaks: (No Class these days):

Thanksgiving Day:   (Join us for 6:30-7:30pm church services Mon – Wed of Thanksgiving week and a free potluck Thanksgiving dinner & message on Thurs, Thanksgiving Day @ 3pm)

Christmas Break

Resurrection Break:  Thursday prior to Easter (join us for Mon – Fri 6:30-7:30pm church services the week prior to Easter & lunch after the 11am service on Easter day)

We will be off for snow days based upon P.G. County scheduling or as deemed necessary.

Berwyn Baptist Church ESL Student Registration Form
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  8. Married?(Esta usted casodo)
  9. Do you attend a Church?(¿Asite usted a una iglesia?)
  10. Do you have Children? (¿Tiene usted hijos?)

Resource Links


  Are You a Good Person?

 General Information:

Internationals Guide to Getting a Drivers License in Maryland

Cell Phone Buying

American Culture

  Hear radio programs spoken in English

  Hear short easy English videos on many subjects

 Audio Concentration Games


Biblical Resources